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Low-Tox Lifestyler 7-Day Kickstarter

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Low-Tox Lifestyler 7-Day Kickstarter


Low-tox your mind, body and home with our Kickstarter program to start living your dream life. Reclaim abundant energy, clear focus and start kicking goals.

Kickstart the journey from....
~ feeling lethargic and low in energy?
~ moody and emotional?
~ fuzzy headed and easily distracted?
~ feeling bloated and sluggish?
~ adult acne or simply just dull and lifeless skin?
~ self doubt and lacking confidence?
~ managing an often sickly and unhappy household?

and move towards....
~ Abundant energy!
~ Feeling happy and inspired!
~ Crystal clear focus!
~ Living lighter and brighter!
~ Glowing from the inside!
~ Harnessing your feminine energy and self love!
~ Improved health and happiness for the entire family!

What you get:

  • Low-Tox Lifestyler Kickstarter online workshop
    Value = $199
  • Daily email and video content to guide you through simple and effective tweaks to low-tox your life = $199
  • DIY recipes as demonstrated in the workshop
    Value = $99

Total Value = $497