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Who is the Low-Tox Lifestyler - extended audio version

Renae Carroll

In May 2019 I sat down with Bryn Edwards at WA Real for an open and raw conversation about my evolution as the Low-Tox Lifestyler. I wasn't always this girl you see today. I have grown, adapted and on some levels regressed to a simpler life. 

"WA Real brings you real and authentic stories behind some of the most fascinating and inspiring people in Western Australia; stories to inspire yourself to be all you can be.
Listen and engage as each week host, Bryn Edwards, has open and honest conversations with a diverse range of people who have something valuable to share.
By capturing these individual stories, learnings and insights, WA Real provides a real and human experience that you can relate to and action in your own life."

For greater insight you can listen to the full conversation by clicking the 'Listen Here' button below. 

Listen to WA Real Podcast here

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