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I want to Introduce you to my friend, an extraordinary Chef who is changing lives

Renae Carroll

Today I wanted to introduce you to someone who has literally transformed my life.

But first, let’s talk about something important.

Sometimes life can deal you a bad hand. Especially healthwise. I haven’t shared this publicly before, but I’ve struggled with chronic fatigue and anxiety (thanks Hashimotos Thyroiditis autoimmune disease) for many years now. And I know I’m not the only one…

Maybe you’ve been dealt a bad hand too? Whether it’s genetics, chronic illness, or missing out on the right start to life. It can be tempting to lay the blame for the health you’re in now. And for a while, I wanted to do that, too.

But then I met Cynthia.

When you first meet Cynthia, you’re blown away by her incredible energy and zest for life. And her passion for all things food. Chef Cynthia, as she’s known by most, is a talented creator of food and recipes that nourish the body with real ingredients, plants, and wholefoods. But it’s her story that makes it all the more amazing.

Despite Chef’s outward appearance, she’s had her own health challenges. 

Born with a heart defect, she’s been through two separate heart surgeries (so far) with her most recent one in May 2017. She’s not your typical health guru!

Cynthia was dealt a bad hand healthwise. None of these health issues were from diet or lifestyle. But she HAS been able to live her best possible life by eating a good diet. Chef’s story impacted me in a HUGE way. She helped me realise I need to stop making excuses and start making better choices instead. 

And I’m not the only one whose life’s been changed by Cynthia. As the co-author of three bestselling cooking books, retreat facilitator, international speaker, and creator of the world’s first wholefood online cooking classes, she’s impacted thousands of people. Countless families all over the world follow her better approach to eating that heals your body from the inside out but is still comforting, familiar, and delectable. 

Now here’s the bit you’ve been waiting for. A gift. From Cynthia to you.

Cynthia’s not just my unlikely health guru and wholefood goddess - she’s a dear friend. And as a friend of a friend, she’s offering YOU her free ebook Wholefood Beginnings (no email required) so you can start trying out her delicious recipes today!

And if you’re ready to transform the way you eat and take charge of your health (instead of blaming your past), go one step further. You’ll love Chef’s online cooking class bundle with over 150 step-by-step, easy-to-follow video recipes and bonus content. These classes are (quite simply) designed for everyday people who want to transform the way they cook their meals. 

Does that sound like you? If so, make sure you sign up for the bundle!

You’ll never look at food, your health, OR your kitchen the same way again. 

With nurture

Renae Carroll
The Low-Tox Lifestyler

P.S. Here are those links again!

Get your free ebook 

Get Chef’s online cooking class bundle



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