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FOODICINAL FRIDAY | The Hidden Horrors in our Food

Renae Carroll

MY MIGHT is a tasty whole food probiotic spread packed with a POWERHOUSE of nutrients created by Chef Cynthia Louise. With tremendous care and love, it’s been created with ingredients that Chef Cynthia adores, giving you an incredible product that actually tastes as good as it is for your body.

Why choose MY MIGHT over the famous Vegemite that nearly every Aussie kid grew up eating on toast and in sanga's (Aussie slang for sandwich🤣😂) with cheese. Well if you #readthelabel of Vegemite then you will realise that it in fact contains caramel colouring. So what you say??? Well caramel colouring, otherwise known in the 'food' manufacturing industry as number 150 (could be followed with an a, b, c or d) is in fact BANNED IN FOODS FOR INFANTS!!!!! 👿

Most mumma bears that I chat with start feeding their precious bundles of joy Vegemite as early as 10 - 12 months of age (as an infant) 😱 So how does the manufacturer get away with this? Well the product itself is never marketed as a food for infants specifically. Children, YES... Infants NO. #loophole .
So again my friends, please read labels and educate yourself on what you and your families are actually eating. 

If you want to check out MY MIGHT then head on over to the Heal Thy Self store and find the link in bio to get shopping for wonderful wholefood alternatives.

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