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Choose Cruelty Free

Renae Loftus

There are few words that I could write here ,without offending, that adequately sum up just how upset I get about the globally accepted industry practise of 'testing on animals'. 

I believe the fact that many national and international household bands still test on animals speaks volumes about the ingredients they continue to use. Ingredients such as those that make up the 'Dirty Dozen' of the industry. I mean they're toxic ingredients so I guess they should make sure they are safe to use in their products, right? 

I call B.S! 

I propose that instead of reviewing profits these companies start reviewing their morals and ethics. There are many companies that have started pushing back and rejecting the 'norm'. Creating safe, natural and ethical products is possible, many of these brands and their products have established loyal and passionate consumers.

So how about it Aveeno, Avon*, Clinique, Covergirl*, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder*, Garnier, Impulse, Jurlique*, Lancôme, L'Occitane*, L'Oréal*, Max Factor, Maybelline, Neutrogena, Revlon, Simple.... you up for the challenge?

Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list of the culprits that still use animal testing. That list can be found on the Animals Australia website.

As for a trustworthy list of businesses that reject animal testing, well they can be found at Choose Cruelty Free. Choose Cruelty Free is a not-for-profit organisation that advocates for the rights for animals that live with us, not for us. 

I am super proud to have recently started the Choose Cruelty Free accreditation process for Intentio Nurture and our entire range of products. 

*This brand has a 'no animal testing' policy in the make and manufacture of their cosmetics, however they have chosen to sell in markets that require (by law) animal testing on their products before they are cleared to sell in those markets. This means that their end products are tested on animals in some markets (for example, China).

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